Upcoming events

Here’s a list of all our upcoming public events!

Featured participants

Have a look at our hand-picked influencers, companies and hosts that you will meet at our events.


Natacha, originally from

Portugal and now living in vienna, is a successful blogger/influencer. She will share her knowledge about content production and building a business on top of her social media channels.

Meet thechocolatesuitcase at ArtXTalent #1 in Berlin and #2 in Vienna!


The eyepatch that Lady Gaga used in her video „Paparazzi“ soon became a cult object. But did you know that it was made by AND_i in Vienna? Discover the brand at the ArtXTalent events.

Meet AND_i at ArtXTalent #2 in Vienna!

Witty Lemon

Our guests are Niels and Ana, the creators of the YouTube channel “Witty lemon”. They gained more than 50k followers in one year and create videos about their passion: food and lifestyle. They will share their story on how they started on YouTube, how they developed their concept and became successful in what they are doing.

Andreea-Iuliana Rusu

Vlogger and social media project manager who created content for people like Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels), Brendon Burchard, Grant Cardone James Smiley, Kevin Anson, Tracey Wong and many others. We’re looking forward for her tips and tricks on how to create acontent and improve your social media platforms.

How to qualify?

Here you can apply to get invited to our events. All our events are private and only open for

people that were accepted, are in the right niche and location. In order

to keep our lists high quality and don’t bug you with events we will

remove people that don’t show interest over time (of course we’ll inform

you in case that should happen).

Creator & Influencer

For our influencer applications we will evaluate engagment rates and reach, and categorize according to the following scheme:

• Nano-Influencer >3.000 social media followers

• Micro-Influencer >10.000 social media followers

• Influencer >100.000 social media followers

• Mega-Influencer >1.000.000 social media followers

Companies & Startups

The company applications we will evaluated by the quality of their products/brand and if they are attractive to our influencers. If you’re invited to an event and have a small product you might have the chance to showcase it there, but please be aware that the focus lies on connecting personally.

Individuals & Learners

If you’re an individual not fitting in those two categories you can still apply if you think you can provide value to our community in some other way.

Let us know, and we’ll look at your introduction!

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